Medical & Health Care

Medical Care on the US / Mexico Border

Healthy Start

Healthy Start Laredo (HSL) is a nationally-recognized BCFS program designed to provide comprehensive and medical care for women either pregnant or raising a child under the age of two for the purpose of reducing infant mortality, preventing child abuse and assisting families in meeting basic health needs (nutrition, housing and psychosocial support).

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Promotora Public Health Workers

The Promotora Public Health program increases low-income families' access to state programs and health services on the Texas-Mexico border. Promotoras are bilingual liaisons between health care providers and patients.  Promotoras promote state program services by connecting one on one with potential clients, providing patient education, making referrals to health and social services, conducting needs assessments, making home visits and providing translation services.

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Domestic Violence Program

BCFS’ Del Rio Domestic Violence Program (DRDV) provides safety, support and resources to victims of domestic violence. DRDV promotes violence-free relationships and community awareness through collaboration, public information, education and advocacy.

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Disaster Medical Sheltering

BCFS' Emergency Management Division (EMD) is the national leader for medical sheltering. BCFS' EMD trains jurisdictions on how to shelter individuals with medical needs during an emergency, and how to build local capacity in preparation of an incident. BCFS is also able to rapidly respond and care for this population during a disaster.

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International Medical Missions

BCFS' international division, Children's Emergency Relief International (CERI), leads several medical mission trips overseas each year. The missions are designed to administer primary health care to impoverished and indigenous populations in rural villages, orphanages and communities greatly affected by the AIDS epidemic.

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