International Relief

BCFS' international division - Children's Emergency Relief International (CERI) - provides humanitarian aid for children and families living in impoverished conditions in developing countries throughout the world.

CERI is a health and human services organization dedicated to the long-term care of orphans, vulnerable children, youth and their families in crisis, so they may grow to live healthy and productive lives.

Southeast Asia

In Sri Lanka, CERI operates chid sponsorship programs, foster care, microloans and trauma and loss counseling for children.

Eastern Europe

In the poorest countries in Eastern Europe, CERI operates child sponsorships, transitional care for youth, mission trips and more.


In Africa, CERI provides food and essentials to several orphanages, deploys medical mission trips to AIDS-affected areas, and much more.

Latin America

In Mexico, CERI builds & renovates homes in the slums, supports several orphanages, and deploys mission trips to operate children's programs.