Children and Families

Adoption and Foster Care


The BCFS adoption team matches children and families together to ensure a good fit from the start. We’ll be there with you through the entire process. We work closely with TDFPS, ORR, schools, therapists, and medical personnel to make sure that you and the children are receiving the best support services available.

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Foster Care

Every child deserves to be a part of a loving home, even if it's only temporary while permanent placement options are in the works. Even if a child has yet to be adopted, they still have the opportunity to grow up in a supportive family environment that provides real-life role models and one-on-one parental guidance.

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International Foster Care

Many countries abroad still operate antiquated, unhealthy orphanages to house children who have been abused or have lost their parents. Some countries struggle with even less sophisticated foster care systems. BCFS’ overseas division, Children’s Emergency Relief International (CERI), works to find kinship homes for children so they can stay close to family rather than grow up in a communal institution.

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Counseling and Education

Services to At Risk Youth (STAR)

STAR helps youth under 17 and their families reduce family conflict and prevent the problems of runaway, truancy, delinquent behaviors and child abuse. The program aims to strengthen and stabilize families by helping them learn to resolve crises, learn coping mechanisms and develop parenting skills.

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Head Start

Head Start is a national program that promotes school readiness by enhancing the social and cognitive development of children through the provision of educational, health, nutritional, social and other services. BCFS serves nearly 100 children in Kendall County, Texas each year through the Head Start program.

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Domestic and Dating Violence Programs

Domestic Violence Prevention

BCFS’ Del Rio Domestic Violence Program (DRDV) provides safety, support and resources to victims of domestic violence. DRDV promotes violence-free relationships and community awareness through collaboration, public information, education and advocacy.

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