Foster Care

Foster Care - San Antonio, Texas

EVERY child deserves a loving and supportive home.

BCFS Health and Human Services works with the State of Texas and the U.S. Office of Refugee Resettlement to match caring adults with children who need a home. Children are placed in foster homes because they have been removed from their own families due to abuse, neglect or other issues that endanger their safety. Other children in our care are from foreign countries and placed in foster care as they await the federal government's decision on how best to reunite them with their families.

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What is it like to be a foster parent?

The lives of foster families mirror that of any other family: soccer practice and math homework, birthday parties and church on Sunday. BCFS Health and Human Services believes that all children in foster care should have the opportunity to grow up in a supportive family environment that gives them real-life role models and one-on-one parental guidance.


For too long, myths have kept loving individuals and families from opening their homes to children in foster care. BCFS is here to toss these common misconceptions out the window and give you the real truth about becoming a foster parent.

IT WON’T COST YOU – Foster parents receive a monthly stipend to assist with  the basic needs of each child, such as food and clothing.

HEALTH CARE IS COVERED – Each child in foster care is covered by Medicaid health and dental insurance. This covers all office visits, necessary medical procedures and medications.

YOU’RE NOT ALONE – BCFS HHS hosts a monthly foster parent support group, which addresses parenting challenges and provides tips for difficult situations. It also helps you meet other foster parents who can share their own experiences and help you create a personal support network. Dinner and daycare are provided during these meetings.

BCFS IS THERE FOR YOU – Case managers are available 24/7/365. If there’s an emergency, BCFS HHS has an emergency on-call line to offer additional support and assistance.

ADOPTION MAY BE AN OPTION – Depending on the circumstances, adoption may eventually be an option for foster parents. Many foster families have made this transition from a temporary home to a forever family.

Review our Foster Care / Adoption Fact Sheet
for more information about

  • the children in BCFS HHS' care available for foster care or adoption
  • the responsibilities of foster / adoptive parents
  • basic eligibility requirements of foster / adoptive parents
  • the child / parent matching process
  • support services and trainings available to foster / adoptive parents

Read Foster Care / Adoption Fact Sheet